Elaisian - Migliora la tua produzione di olio d'oliva
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Saving olive oil
producers harvest.

Through precision farming.

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About Us

Elaisian is a precision farming service focused on the preservation of olive trees. Thanks to a system of algorithms based on a database of agronomic studies, we are able to prevent diseases and to optimize cultivation processes such as irrigation and fertilization. The goal is to improve the life of the olive tree and the work of the producer.



We deliver our plug and play device directly to the farmer. One device cover up to 6 hectares.


Data transmission to the platform that processes them through algorithms based on agronomic studies.


Each olive oil producer has its own access to the web platform, where he receives all the necessary informations. There are advices on the daily cultivation and alarm notifications for diseases.


Real-time monitoring of the olive trees. Efficiency of interventions to fight diseases, improving fertilizer application and irrigation.


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